best volume pedal

An Outlook on the Best Volume Pedal

When we talk about volume pedal, it basically refers to the modulation in the volume for dynamics of the music. Variations, modulations are done by applying the force on the pedal which affects the tone through which we will get different tones, music. The different parameters which make you confuse when you search for volume pedal are potentiometer, high impedance, low impedance, buffer, active, passive, etc…

In this you will get the details about the volume pedal for both electric and acoustic. You can use the volume pedal for any electronic instrument. Volume Pedal is also known as the dynamic pedal because you can use it to control the volume of your instrument by increasing or decreasing the speed of the audio signal. The two basic things in any volume pedal are heel-down and toe-down. The purpose for heel-down and toe-down is:-

  • Heel-down: – Minimum volume
  • Toe-down: – Maximum volume

What have you to look for in a Volume Pedal?

  • Volume capacity: – The volume capacity should be transparent for any volume pedal, it means, they don’t use any of their characters to introduce sound.
  • No tone loss: – No tone loss should be there because it can affect our music and sound quality.
  • Quality: – It is very important for any pedal, volume pedal should be better constructed with metal body.
  • Tuner display: – Different pedals will provide different tuner outputs depending on their input. So, you have to take care for your input about what you are providing.
Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Electric and Acoustic Guitars

  • Passive volume pedal: – Passive volume pedal doesn’t require power, with the help of battery or adapter this pedal do their work very calmly because it is more sensitive. This comes in two flavors that is low and high impedance.
  • Active volume pedal: – Active volume should be powered and need not be cared too much because, it won’t goes with the tone loss issue.
  • Versatility: – This is most important feature for any volume pedal. Higher the versatility, higher will be the facilities and higher the price.

5 Topmost Usable volume pedals are:-

  • Boss FV-500H
  • Ernie Ball MVP Most Valuable Pedal
  • Ernie Ball VP Jr. Volume Pedal
  • Signstek Guitar Stereo Sound Volume Pedal
  • Dunlop DVP3 Volume (X)

Once go through with above details, you will get idea to find the best volume pedal and how to buy this pedal according to your need. So, read the content carefully and understand the depth of the details and get the good volume pedal for your use. As it plays a very important role so, you have to select very convenient volume pedal for yourself.